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Anyone around Port Saint Lucie, FL, who will let me run a camcorder on the outside of their Insight? The below is unfortunately going to court, and I need to prove that my Insight is damaged. It is such a rare car I am afraid the judge will not know how it is supposed to be.

I had my windshield repaired at a cheap windshield shop. Result? Many broken plastic u-shaped mounts on the reverse of my left and right garnish. Broken mounts on the cowl top assembly. Broken left mount on my back garnish (the "spoiler" the 3rd brake light fits into) due to a metal crowbar? being stuck into it. (It was in it when I went to pick up the car--don't ask why :roll: ) $1,114.80 in damage. Honda said the parts have to be replaced since you can't really glue plastic. I agree with Honda. However, the windshield shop insisted you could glue plastic. The windshield shop had a body shop glue/epoxy the broken pieces and put the car back together. The glue did not hold, and the parts are very loose to where I can rock my garnishes back and forth and even fit a finger underneath them. My passenger garnish is distinctly "bowed" on the middle. Now the windshield shop claims this is normal for an Insight.

I went cheap and paid $273 for a windshield from this shop since Honda wanted around $700. Big mistake. I guess you get what you pay for.

Do they make a pair of crutches as an accessory for an Insight :( Thanks in advance for any help Floridians can provide.
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