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Help with mystery windshield noise

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I need help diagnosing a noise that's coming from my windscreen area. It's something I've experienced for a few years but just recently was able to get a video of. I've attached links below. The only difference between the two is the length and POV. The noise is pretty evident, but it's best described as a crackling or vibrating/rattling sound. Give them a watch and let me know if you've experienced something similar or have any hypotheses.

I apologize in advance, my girlfriend was operating the camera and she was clearly loosing focus. As a result, the image is a little all-over the place!
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I checked out the middle clip talonmike mentioned with a friend. The clip was locked in the grommet but my friend remembered that it still has enough "play" to vibrate during driving. We found a way to temporarily stop it but I'll probably just buy the parts to replace them. (Component: Hood, Illust #18 and #19) Thanks talonmike!
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