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Helpful Honda hill holder

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I don't recall seeing this info anywhere on this site, but manual transmission Insight owners have a built-in hill holding function similar to what Subaru advertised years ago. Here is how it works.

With a fully warmed up car, come to an "autostop" at a red light. With the car in neutral, the autostop indicator blinking, and right foot on the brake, push the clutch in approximately half way and place the transmission in first gear. With your foot on the brake and the clutch, carefully let the clutch all of the way out and you are in the Honda hill holder mode. The car will not drift when you remove your foot from the brake as it is being held by the engine compression.

Beware that this will not work on steep hills as the compression will bleed off and cause drifting into the car in front of or behind your car. It works great on modest inclines.

To restart the car, put right foot on the brake, and push the clutch pedal all the way to the floor, the engine will start, and you will be in first gear ready to go. This take a little practice, but once mastered it saves wear and tear on the brakes and the leg.
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I use the hand brake all the time, even when I cannot tell if the road has a slight slope. It is more energy efficient than keeping your foot on the brake as it does not illuminate the brake lights. I keep my hand on the lever and watch for the yellow light so I can be ready to get the engine going again. It is what I'm used to now, so it works for me. An interesting alternative technique you have there. I'll have to try it.
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