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Hi everyone

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I am thinking about getting an Insight because my daily commute is 42 miles one way. The drive is about 98% highway with a max speed limit of 65 mph and 2% rural with a max speed limit of 55 mph. I have ~ 2 stops each way and have to slow down a couple of times.
Here are my questions:
1. I have been hearing the press reports and I am wondering (after I learn to drive the Insight) what kind of gas milage can I expect?
2. About how long does it take to learn to drive the Insight to get top milage?
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Hi Phil; I have my 03/cvt for almost a week now and i love it. I am currently getting 55 mpg and not really trying to watch my driving style. Hope that you become one of us. You will really enjoy this vehicle if you decide on it. :D
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