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hi, i'm making a performance gen 2 and im starting off with suspension and wheels.

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If I have a 15"x6" stock wheel will a 17''x8'' with +40 offset fit?

The wheels in question are Enkei's T6R 17x8 +40 offset

The suspension in question:

Any thoughts/issues with the suspension I picked, maybe even some suggestions or pointers?
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I appreciate the advice Bruce. Issue is, my car is paid off, I'm highly familiar with it, and I love my car. I'm in the process of fully mapping out this project and I convince myself even more with every discovery I make. This is not about going fast for cheap or trying to stick out by modifying it. I totally agree with "stock is hip," but I want to do something for myself not for other people and what i want to do for myself is take an idea and make it come to life. It's pretty cliché, but i really do want a challenge and I want to learn from this challenge as I am fairly new to the car scene.

So like most women would say, the issue is me not you.
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Do you plan on auto-crossing or tracking the car? If so, you should reconsider the wheels. The wheels you list are very heavy (20 lbs). If they actually fit under the car, which is unlikely, they will probably make the handling worse due to the increased unsprung mass. To be sure the new wheels don't have interference issues, I wouldn't go any bigger than 7" wide. I would also use the lightest wheel I could find. Tire Rack has suggestions for your car that are under 15 lbs in both 16" and 17" diameter. 16" will be better because they are lighter, but most people prefer the look of bigger wheels even though they don't actually perform as well. I suggest you do LOTS of research before you spend significant money on suspension. If the parts don't play well together, you will not be satisfied with the result. I wish you well on this journey!
I'll be doing some rally and track. I appreciate the comment ill definitely look for some smaller wheels.
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