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Highest mileage of an Insight?

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Hey all,

I've nicknamed my new baby 'The Enterprise' as she's done more miles than the said-spacecraft - Its mine the highest or can you better 289,000 miles?

o :)
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My 2001 Insight w/5-speed reached 287,000 miles before I sold it. It still ran fine without burning any oil.

Current 2001 Insight w/CVT has 178,000 with the original battery pack :) Looks like I have a long way before I catch up to the really high milers.
I have over 480,000 miles on my 2000 mt.
Impressive :)

What components have you replaced so far?
I had the IMA Battery rebuilt by Ron on this sight, and alot of tires,
one oil pan the dealer cracked, and I put bearings in the transmition.
That is it.:)
Very nice. Honda Insight is a great product. You should contact the company. You car has to be some sort of Insight record. Any pictures?
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