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Highest mileage of an Insight?

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Hey all,

I've nicknamed my new baby 'The Enterprise' as she's done more miles than the said-spacecraft - Its mine the highest or can you better 289,000 miles?

o :)
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In January 2010 dfiore was at 374k miles
In July 2010 RyanA was at 403k miles
I don't remember High Mileage Insighter's numbers, high 200's I think, but I can't remember.

I think there was someone who got around 42xk miles and then bought one with less miles recently.

It would be cool to have one of these cars and have an odometer at 500k or higher. My other car is at 217k miles and isn't really counting the miles much anymore even though it gets driven every day. My Insight isn't even at 150k yet so I don't have much to talk about yet but I've driven an average of 20k miles a year between 2006 and 2010 with my other car and this one won't be much different. Possibly a little lower but my odometer will climb steadily over time.
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