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Highest mileage of an Insight?

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Hey all,

I've nicknamed my new baby 'The Enterprise' as she's done more miles than the said-spacecraft - Its mine the highest or can you better 289,000 miles?

o :)
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I think I'm now at 407,000 or so. Drive the car to work every day and take it on decent trips (700+ miles a weekend) fairly regularly.
Yes, it is definitely a record. I spoke with Honda of America earlier this year and, at that point, mine was the highest mileage one they had heard of. Let's see some pics of the odometer as it's always impressive to see anything over 300k, let alone nearly 500k!
NICE. Have you had to do any work to the CVT? Just curious as I've considered getting one for the wife to drive but I've been a bit gunshy on them.
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