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Holes in my Insight

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I just got a new MT Insight, but there are two holes drilled into the front bumper. I had the car delivered from a dealer in Texas (a state that requires front license plates) to Jacksonville, Florida, and the dealer told me that this was done at the factory. But my old Insight never had such holes drilled into it, and they look too sloppy to have been done at the factory. Does the factory really do this to their cars?
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I sent these people an e-mail:

"I recieved my Honda Insight and it of course runs great, but why did you people drill two large holes into the front bumper of my car? I am going to a body shop soon to see if they can be filled in. Will you pay for this?"

and they replied:

"Hello. Those holes are for a front license plate. They are predrilled from the factory. If you'd like, I can send you a front plate license plate bracket. Sorry for the inconvenience."

These are not holes put in by the factory. They are large, sloppily drilled holes with scratches all around them and a volcano-like appearance. ><
ethicalpaul said:
I can verify that my 2006 MT came with no holes. The dealership did include with the car the front plate holder, which does come with mounting screws.

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The dealer I bought from in Texas (I had the car shipped to FLorida where I live) said that since since it is the law in Texas to have those plates and the holes aleady in the car were too weak to hold the front plate they had to put those big holes there. Can someone who bought an Insight in a state that requires front plates please tell me if their dealer put holes in there car as well or if they just geve you the car how it is?
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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