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Holes in my Insight

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I just got a new MT Insight, but there are two holes drilled into the front bumper. I had the car delivered from a dealer in Texas (a state that requires front license plates) to Jacksonville, Florida, and the dealer told me that this was done at the factory. But my old Insight never had such holes drilled into it, and they look too sloppy to have been done at the factory. Does the factory really do this to their cars?
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My 2006 MT came with a front tag holder that could be mounted without drilling any holes. There are alraedy holes for the attachment and the holes are not readily visible.
Sounds like an ignorant dealership tech messed up your car. :(
I had the Honda dealership install the factory supplied front plate mounting bracket on my 2006 MT Insight for a "diver down" flag emblem. I live in PA where a front tag is not required.

The front plate holder is a bit shaky...since it is screwed into the two factory drilled holes that are not visible from the front of the car.

Please note that there is no need to drill additional holes in the bumper in order to install the factory front tag holder on an Insight.

I am not trying to be annoying with bolds and underlines, but there seems to be a recurring notion in this thread that additional holes need to be drilled into the Insight's bumper. Not so...someone is confused :?
Ok, if someone insists on drilling extra holes in the front bumper that is their decision. It is also totally unnecessary.
My 2 cents...don't mess up your bumper by drilling extra holes. :roll:
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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