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Honda care?

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I purchased additional honda care for my insight (120K miles, 8 years, my baby is a 2006) couple days ago. Since technically, I have 60 days to cancel and get a full refund I'm wondering if it was the right decision.

I plan to drive this car for a long, long time and since it's a relatively obscure model, having the additional warranty is probably a good thing..

And no, I didn't pay the dealer $2600 price, found it online for under $1k.

Anyone else here have it? Ever had to use it? Is it a pain in the ***?
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I bought the extended warrenty when I purchased my 2006 insight, and frankly, I am putting so many miles on my insight I'm glad I got it - I've had it for just 6 months and have nearly got 15K. after reading the hassle that people have with troubleshooting (even at dealers) I'm glad I have the additional time period to work the kinks out.

but on the other hand, it does keep me from putting some mods into the car - for example, I'd love to add a trailer to my insight like this one:
and also, the service center at my dealership is for the birds - to the point that they are giving me a hard time about installing a new radio because they wouldn't be able to ensure that I didn't screw up the A/C if it broke, for example. ridiculous.

but over all, I'm glad I got it. I don't have the facilities, time, or experience to do required mechanical work myself. I figure that in 4 years (when I hit 120K based on current use) I hope to have a driveway of my own so I can learn how to do necessary work myself.
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