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Honda care?

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I purchased additional honda care for my insight (120K miles, 8 years, my baby is a 2006) couple days ago. Since technically, I have 60 days to cancel and get a full refund I'm wondering if it was the right decision.

I plan to drive this car for a long, long time and since it's a relatively obscure model, having the additional warranty is probably a good thing..

And no, I didn't pay the dealer $2600 price, found it online for under $1k.

Anyone else here have it? Ever had to use it? Is it a pain in the ***?
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I wonder -
Where can this be found online? What explains the $1,600 gap?
How many exclusions exist and at what Odometer reading?

Usually, coverage of these "extended warranties" expire selectively for "normal wear" of certain parts or classes of parts, and with a Hybrid, there are some big-ticket items that probably will not break "in warranty" for conscientious drivers.

e.g. What is the coverage for Trim?
- dealer Certified Extended warranty "bumper to bumper" won't fix anything that qualifies as "trim" e.g. the glove compartment

What is coverage for Hybrid Battery & BCM (battery control module) etc. - the "big bucks" items?

What is the coverage for body deterioration?
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