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The fit is Go with the Hybrid!

Update on Honda Fit Hybrid and CR-V Hybrid
May 15, 2006 08:36 AM - Michael G. Richard, near Ottawa


On May 5th we wrote about Honda's unofficial plans to make a hybrid version of the Honda Fit (also know as the Honda Jazz) with the Honda Insight's drivetrain in mid-2007, and to make a hybrid version of the CRV in late 2006. Well, it seems that the information given to might have been only partially correct: Inside Line reports that an industry insider confirmed that there will indeed by a hybrid version of the Honda Fit, but that it will be based on the next-generation 2008 Fit and that the engine will be based on the Civic hybrid's integrated motor assist (IMA).

From Inside Line's article:

The buzz in Tokyo is that the Fit hybrid will be only about $1,800 more expensive than the regular gas version — which is less than half the premium buyers are paying for hybrids right now. Even better, it should deliver very good fuel mileage, better than the Civic hybrid and close to the 56-66 mpg that the tiny Insight coupe delivers in U.S. trim.
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