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As posted in the "Insight 2 arriving in 2005" forum, AutoTrader UK lists the Imas as coming in autumn of 2006. I emailed Honda UK asking if the Imas was coming in 2007 as stated by Autotrader, and I got back a reply that there could be a change to the Civic IMA, but they are not aware of any detail. No mention of the Imas, so I called Honda UK and was told that the Imas was not in production. So either Autotrader has incorrect information, or the person I spoke with at Honda is not aware of it. He said to me, "There is no such thing as an Imas. Honda makes TWO cars with the IMA system, the Civic and the Insight". He wasn't even aware of the Accord, so there is certainly a chance he didn't know what he was talking about. Guess all we can do is wait :(
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NSX is the abbreviation for "New Sportscar Xperimental" btw 8)
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