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So my first insight Ze2 2009, had the airbag to be replaced and there was a massive recall.
Honda's on there self are great and reliable but the people that need to maintain it are just bad.
A few months before December 2015 the front wires had a little bit of fire damage, cables weren't put in correctly. A burning smell, in December 2015 the airbag that was replaced caught fire.
I had to keep quiet or else they wouldn't give me my insurance money for a other Honda. Yes I'm only allowed to buy Honda with my Honda insurance! No other brand! They gave 25% and at the dealership they said I get the other 75% if I buy a Honda. So now I have an other 2009 Ze2 car for two years now. The airbag that was replaced rattles and most of the plastic clips are squished in the trunk.

If you smell anything like plastic burning just go to a dealer!


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