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a followup of my situation

For awhile now the gas engine portion on my Honda Hybrid has been running rough. I took it is to Honda a few months ago and they replaced an IMAP Sensor but that didn't solve my problem, I then replaced the EGR Valve (A known issue) and I was still without a solution. A few weeks ago a check engine light finally lit up.

I took it into Georgetown Honda and the error codes were for a faulty Catalytic Converter. I asked the guy at the Service desk if it was under warranty and he assured me it was. He then informed me they had to order the part, and he would call me when it was in. I said great, let me know. a few weeks later I got the call that the new catalytic converter was in, I once again asked if it was covered under warranty and once again assured that it was.

I brought my car in a few days later and dropped it off. I came back about 2 hours later and was informed that there was a problem with my car, I was told that when they were un-installing the old catalytic converter that the O2 sensor was seized and they broke it trying to remove it. I asked him if I could still drive the car like it was until they got the new O2 sensor, he said no and put his index finger and thumb together indicating a hole the size of a tooney and said you would be driving the car with a hole about this big in the exhaust.

He then said the new catalytic converter was already on anyways, and they would get the new O2 sensor as soon as possible. I told him that I need my car to get to and from school so I will need a rental car in the mean-time. He did not have the authority to authorize this so I had to wait for the service manager.

As the service manager was addressing the situation she stopped and told me "You know the catalytic converter is not covered under warranty, that ended at 130,000km" I informed her that the other guy assured me numerous times that it was, she said no, its not and that the bill will be around $2400 dollars. I couldn't believe it, I started to get angry and told her I couldn't afford that, and now that my old catalytic converter was broken by them, what was I suppose to do? I then reminded her that I brought the car in months earlier for the engine issue and that this scenario of the engine light coming on way after the fact is nothing new.

I waited about an hour for a solution, in that time I also let her know that this is now the 3rd catalytic converter in 147,000km for this car. They ended up giving me a loaner car for the night and sent me home.

Early the next morning I got a phone call from Georgetown Honda telling me to come pick up my car because they put the old catalytic converter back on and its ready to go. I asked them how that can be? Yesterday they told me my it was broken and now its magically fixed? She told me they managed to re-connect the O2 sensor and asked when I would be in to pick up my car.

The catalytic converter on my Honda hybrid is very high-tech and cant be replaced with a standard one. My only option is to have it done by Honda, At the quoted $2400 (I'm assuming this also includes the 02 sensors since another dealer quoted me $2000 Plus approx $200 per sensor if needed) but the fact is, I was not about to install one without some answers. I looked online and found I am not the only Honda hybrid owner who are having these issues with their catalytic converters. I decided to call Honda customer service for some answers.

After explaining my entire history to Honda Customer care, I was told that "You are out of warranty for your catalytic converter their is nothing Honda will do for you" I asked her what I paid the extra $3000 for when I bought the 160,000km extended warranty. She said the extended warranty doesn't cover this. I told her fine, then I want to know why these are failing on these cars so often. She did not have an answer. I asked if I could speak to an engineer or someone who would have an answer since if I had to spend that kind of money, it better last longer then 60,000km this time. She told me she would not escalate it and there are no engineers at their building. I then asked if she could have one call me and she said no. I told her I felt like Hondas Guinea pig for buying this car, I told her Honda shouldn't test new technology on the public and then not offer proper support once it proves to be disastrous. I told her I no longer have enough faith in Honda to engineer a paper bag to hold my lunch, let alone build high tech hybrid cars. She told me I was entitled to my opinion and I hung up. I called back the next day to speak to another rep and was told she would get back to me but never did.
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Since this is essentially a multipost and a continuation of's multiple problems without clear solutions, there appears to be little or no further "troubleshooting" that will be of any help.

Therefore I am locking this thread as _redirecting_ follow-ups to his other thread here:

General Discussion, My 150,000km Insight Review ... php?t=3749\

If I am missing something then feel free to help troubleshoot there. It's just as numerous and complex some of his problems are good and correct solutions _need_ to be consolidated in one thread :!: :D
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