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Honda Insight Commercial

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I was wondering can anyone see the Honda Insight Commercial on this site at: ... video.html ? I cannot see the video and was wondering if anyone knows of why this may be? I was told by the admin of the site that I need to use a different computer with a higher version of windows media player on it.
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Chris, the Insight ad opened up for me alright. I use Opera (fast) as a browser and I don't have the latest media player but have downloaded some of the newer plug-ins for it. They are free. Your media player should prompt you asking if you want to download a plug-in or tell you that you need to update your player. I had to wait a few minutes for the file to buffer as I'm on a dial up modem. Good comercial, but did you check out the last movie? It is simply hilarious! Of course any Insighter knows the sound of the cars is fake but it would not be nearly as funny if the cars were almost silent in the clip. I've saved all of them to the hard drive for instant playback and future entertainment.
No problem, tv-commercial[1].wmv on its way.

1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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