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Honda Insight Commercial

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I was wondering can anyone see the Honda Insight Commercial on this site at: ... video.html ? I cannot see the video and was wondering if anyone knows of why this may be? I was told by the admin of the site that I need to use a different computer with a higher version of windows media player on it.
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"Can not play suitable decompressor found"

- Windows Media Player V6.4 -

(High tech computer at work)

Edit: Actually let me revise that: From left to right:

Video 1 "Cabin Interior" - "No suitable decompressor found"
Video 2 "Panel Construction" - "File format invalid"
Video 3 "commercial" - Plays normally
Video 4 "Sitcom Chase" - "Unable to download appropriate decompressor" Plays audio only
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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