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Honda Insight Commercial

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I was wondering can anyone see the Honda Insight Commercial on this site at: ... video.html ? I cannot see the video and was wondering if anyone knows of why this may be? I was told by the admin of the site that I need to use a different computer with a higher version of windows media player on it.
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Well I don't know why the video won't work for me but I can try to update my windows media player or I can go and download a different intenet browser like Mozilla Fire Fox. Is what I see when I go to the Video & VR section is just the 3 pictures, one of a Sitcom Chase, Panel Contruction, and a 360 Interior veiw. Yeah I watched the last video(Sitecom Chase) it was pretty funny watching the Insight manuver like that. I didn't know that was sound effects of the engine, I thought that it was real, lol.
Hey b1shmu63, can you please e-mail me the Honda Insight Commercial? My e-mail address is [email protected]
Thanks for the video b1shmu63. :D Well I am sorry to say this but I have another problem with Could anyone please help me out with it? Well my problem is that I cannont view any of the Quicktime videos or images under Engineering. I have Quicktime and have all the updates. I also have my Java Script enable on my computer. I cannot view any of the images under Interior Gallery and Exterior Gallery, when I click on a image to make it bigger to see it, it does nothing. It is strange how I cannont view the images and the Quicktime videos under Engineering, but I can see the Quicktime videos under Exterior Gallery and the 360 degree view.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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