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Honda Insight Keyless Entry Remotes & Programming

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What does your local dealer charge for Honda keyless entry remotes?

My Honda dealer wants $129 a piece plus $35 for programming for each of my cars (01 Insight, 00 Accord).

I'm curious to see what other dealerships are charging for new remotes and programming.

I'm done with ebay because the listings show new remotes, and 3 out of 3 times I've won - I end up with junk that doesn't work and won't program. First one was superglued together and cracked. Can't check the battery if you can't even open it. Second one was completely corroded inside from water and didn't work. The 3rd one only 1 button worked and it looked like someone tried to superglue the circuit board pieces back together. Each one was advertised as new, or like new and they obviously weren't anywhere close to that. The Keyles Ride site is run by one of those same lying ebay sellers, so thats off the list too.

What does your local dealership charge? I bet there's some that want even more than what mine is charging.
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What do you mean by "programming" exactly? There's a process for doing this in the shop manual that seems pretty simple.
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