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Honda Insight Keyless Entry Remotes & Programming

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What does your local dealer charge for Honda keyless entry remotes?

My Honda dealer wants $129 a piece plus $35 for programming for each of my cars (01 Insight, 00 Accord).

I'm curious to see what other dealerships are charging for new remotes and programming.

I'm done with ebay because the listings show new remotes, and 3 out of 3 times I've won - I end up with junk that doesn't work and won't program. First one was superglued together and cracked. Can't check the battery if you can't even open it. Second one was completely corroded inside from water and didn't work. The 3rd one only 1 button worked and it looked like someone tried to superglue the circuit board pieces back together. Each one was advertised as new, or like new and they obviously weren't anywhere close to that. The Keyles Ride site is run by one of those same lying ebay sellers, so thats off the list too.

What does your local dealership charge? I bet there's some that want even more than what mine is charging.
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programming the remote to the car, my dealer said the car has to be hooked up to their diagnostic equipment to program the remote.
The website for keygirl says its not available til December. I'll look around and see what I can turn up.
The instructions sound like what Ive found for Acura - correct?

do steps 1 - 12 on the same remote AT TIME OF PROGRAMMING BOTH REMOTES MUST BE PRESENT SINCE THEY WILL NOW BOTH BE HAVE TO REPROGRAM. the following steps 1-12 are done on a single remote step 13 is done on all remotes to be programmed upto 3 can be programmed

1) get into the car shut the doors and make sure they are unlocked
2) turn on the ignition (do not turn on the car just the ignition)
3) press the lock button on remote (turn to off )
4) turn key to the accessory ON position (your radio works in this mode)
5) turn on the ignition (do not turn on the car just the ignition)
6) press the lock button on remote (turn to off )
7) turn key to the accessory ON position (your radio works in this mode)
8) turn on the ignition (do not turn on the car just the ignition)
9) press the lock button on remote (turn to off )
10) turn key to the accessory ON position (your radio works in this mode)
11) turn on the ignition (do not turn on the car just the ignition)
12) press the lock button on the remote
the locks should chirp to indicate that programming mode was entered successfully
13) press the LOCK button on remote the doors should chirp again to confirm programming THIS STEP NEEDS TO BE DONE FOR EACH REMOTE
14) turn of the car fully and try locking/unlocking with remote

to turn on/off the chirping when locking/unlocking with remote do the following

press the trunk release button on the remote and hold it then while holding press the LOCK button on remote and hold it the led on the remote will flicker for about 1sec after it goes off release both buttons and test it the procedure for chirp on and chirp off is the same, this needs to be done on both remotes otherwise only the one programmed will allow chirping while the other will still be silent or viseversa
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Ok good, got that figured out. Now I just have to find another source for the remotes...
I found another site online that I'm willing to give a shot -

The other KR site wants about $70 a piece with shipping for the 01 Insight remote.

They're 1/2 that price on ThePartsYouNeed site with the instructions included. I ordered 1 this morning. ... ductId=149

I'll keep you guys posted. If it works good, I'm going to order one for my Accord as well.
I got my remote from in the mail today. 5 days isn't bad especially when one was a Sunday.

Programming was easy, took about 10 seconds. I can't believe a dealership would charge 1/2 hour of labor for a 10 second job. Thats a good way to lose customers.

Anyhow, the remote works great and when I went to put in an order for remote for the Accord I noticed I got free shipping, so I bought a 2nd remote for the Insight and a pair for the Accord. FINALLY I will have remotes that work and that I can use. rocks! :D
Got the Accord remotes in today.

The Accord and Insight use the same programming, but I couldn't program an Accord remote to the Insight or vice-versa.

I also see that 2 of the ebay sellers are gone off ebay now, but judging by their feedback, they took a lot of money and ran:


Hmm, I don't think so - the Accord uses a KOBUTAH2T remote and the Insight uses an E4EG8DJ unit. Different frequencies if they have different FCC numbers.
On another forum, somebody mentioned that they had pretty badly limited range with their remote, but if they aimed the remote at their chin, they could get the car to lock and unlock from about 120 ft away.

I tried it when I was headed back to my car from the mall today, and it Probably will get brain cancer now...but it about triples the range.
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