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Honda Insight - short distance per day

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Hi form Poland, Europe.

I thought about buying a Insight, but...

1. Hybrids cars should be a city cars. But very big cities, I think.
I live in 130k city, distance to work - about 3.5 miles / 5.5 km (15-20min driving). Daily about only 7 miles / 11 km (ofcourse this is minimum distance per day - from time to time I want to go for shopping or something else, but in most weekly cases - home>work>home). I barely don't use car at weekends (two times per month about 40 miles).
Is Insight (in general hybrids) good choice for that small distance? What about IMA and 12v battery, then?

2. Winter in my country is quite cold - at night about -4F (-20C). I have no garage, so car must stay outside all the time.
So, in conjunction with point 1, I'm afraid that each day I would be replace 12v battery to start engine :p.

What you think about that? Is it risky that car won't work properly?

Thanks for advice, and sorry for my english if I did mistakes ;).
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Hi Ravi, you do not need to worry about cold winter temperatures. The Insight copes just fine like other cars would.

It is true that the 12V battery is weak - it needs monitoring, but if you replace it when it can no longer stay above 11.5 Volt in winter you will not run into trouble (I needed to replace mine once - but 12V batteries are cheap, and I got it under warranty - another mediocre Honda 12V battery. But it still holds and it was free to me).

When it gets really cold it does pay to have thin oil (0W20, or even better Honda Green Oil). On Green Oil I saw the winter 'penalty' on economy get less severe; in fact last winter my fuel economy was on par with my lifetime average, despite some mild frost and storms and the like. In previous winters on regular oil I had far worse economy, even in the very mild 2014 winter.

Once the engine warms up there is little difference in economy between the oil makes.
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