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Honda Insight - short distance per day

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Hi form Poland, Europe.

I thought about buying a Insight, but...

1. Hybrids cars should be a city cars. But very big cities, I think.
I live in 130k city, distance to work - about 3.5 miles / 5.5 km (15-20min driving). Daily about only 7 miles / 11 km (ofcourse this is minimum distance per day - from time to time I want to go for shopping or something else, but in most weekly cases - home>work>home). I barely don't use car at weekends (two times per month about 40 miles).
Is Insight (in general hybrids) good choice for that small distance? What about IMA and 12v battery, then?

2. Winter in my country is quite cold - at night about -4F (-20C). I have no garage, so car must stay outside all the time.
So, in conjunction with point 1, I'm afraid that each day I would be replace 12v battery to start engine :p.

What you think about that? Is it risky that car won't work properly?

Thanks for advice, and sorry for my english if I did mistakes ;).
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Thanks for yours replies so far ;).

Since 4 years I am Opel Vectra C 2003 (Chevrolet Vectra C in US?) owner, it's diesel with almost 240.000 miles.
It has perfect ON consumption - on that short distance I've mentioned (7 miles per day in the city) -> 32mpg. It's quite cool. But it's time for changes...

Gas in Poland is quite expensive (about 5$ per gallon of 98 octan's gas, about 4.5$ per gallon of ON (petroleum in english?) and about 1.9$ per gallon of LPG). Because of the high availability of LPG, hybrid cars are not so popular here.

I can buy Honda Insight 2009 for about 6.200$ and about 65.000 miles on the clock. As I said before - I'm affraid of winter's mornings, becouse I don't have a garage, so car must park outside all the time.
Ofcourse, I be able to agree with increased mpg on winter on short distances, only if I will be 100% sure that every morning car will start without jump-start and high-voltage battery doesn't break after one winter.

Yestarday I visited Russian's hybrids forum (yeah!, it was hard, but with Google Translate something could understand) - winter's temperatures are similar to Poland's, and I doesn't saw complaints for any wrong behavior of starting engines on cold weather (but most of people replaces original 12V battery to something better). Most posts was about Civic's hybrids, but engine and IMA system are the same as Honda Insight, right?

As I readed there - Honda hybrids has a 'normal' starter which comes into work when temperature drops below about 0 F (engine don't start smoothly, but as in normal cars), am I right?

Well... I have to think about it... It's difficult decision... If only Insight has normal 1.8V-tec engine, ehh...

@E46_5MT - Oww, this is an answer I wanted to hear more...

@Cobb - Here, Honda Insight's required insurance is about 130$ per year, included 60% discount, and you can drive. (For my Vectra 2.0 diesel I pay the same insurance's costs). Engine's size has metter only if you import car - if it is under 2.0l you must pay about 3% car's price (once), and above 2.0l - 18% car's price once (as I know...).

@E27006 - Yes, I know - bikes are great, some of my friends drive by bikes to work, but only in summer ;). I preffered cars - more possibilities.

@Rick Reece - "The insight probably want even get to operating temperature before you would get to your destination." Yes, I know that it can be as you wrote, but what about batteries (12V and IMA) then?

@freezin4 - I'm glad that you enjoyed visits in Poland.
I live in Zielona Gora (about 120 miles from Berlin), but I also think that Krakow is a cool city. I was there only once, but I love its climate ;).

I hope that you have understood my english, it's middle of the night here, so it's time to sleep for me, have a nice day ;).
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