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How easy to forget your gas mileage champ's anniversary.
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We need new OEM parts too. Our group keeps the first generation Insight alive. We love them both.

Car and Driver article:

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It's a good idea for us to pressure Honda as things are getting more difficult.

Some parts I would like to see available. I suggest others add to the list..

1) Handbrake cables
2) Seat covers
3) Rear axle bushes

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We should probably focus on those items which wear out and can't be economically duplicated, if at all.

I'd add;

  • motor mounts
  • 3 way first catalytic??
Though I'm a bit confused about the catalytic. From salvaging one recently, I learned that there is no part number on the catalytic. In theory, I suppose others could reproduce a regular catalytic as a substitute. That might pass tailpipe inspection in 50 states and overseas. How about that klr3cyl??
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