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2011 Honda Insight, 134,000 miles

I decided to save a few bucks and change CVT transmission fluid myself. In past I had dealer do it.

So I went to Honda Coral Springs and told parts guy I needed CVT fluid for 2011 Honda insight.

He sold me 4 bottles marked Transmission Fluid, and I checked that it was for Continuously Variable Trans and not for Automatic.

Got home and drained fluid. Now I'm looking closely at bottle and it says HCF-2 for Continously Variable Transmission.

Something seems odd, and I read the fine print.

It says

"CVT fluid and HCF-2 fluid are not compatible and should not be mixed or substituted for each other.."

Both fuids are for CVTs but only CVT fluid is in the manual for 2011 Insight (gen 2) and I'm stuck with HCF-2

I can't drive to dealer to exchange for CVT as I now have no transmission fluid in the car.

So I'm on the Trek Bike riding 7+ miles to Honda Coral Springs 90° Florida heat.

I tell parts guy he gave me wrong fluid. He says (wrongly) that HCF-2 is for my car, and he points out it says "Continuously Variable Transmission" on the bottle.

I tell him it is wrong fluid.

He says they only sell HCF-2 and also Automatic Transmission Fluid, and nothing else. He shows me both bottles as if to prove his point.

I showed hom on bottle of HCF-2 where it says HCF-2 is not compatible with CVT fluid and they can not be substituted for each other.

And I show him the very last page of Insight owners manual where it specifies Honda CVT fluid.

He is stumped by my obstinance and goes to talk to someone else more knowledgeable than himself.

Someone else comes and patiently listens to my dilemma. He walks to the back and returns with the proper CVT fluid.

The first guy apolgizes. I ask him to refund the difference in price. He says I owe him another $30. He says CVT is more per bottle than HCF-2. He wants about $20 per bottle of CVT.

I'm ready to scream as I'm pretty sure CVT should cost less than HCF-2 (per quick scan of ebay), but my options are limited as I'm on the bike as I drained the fluid.

Lesson learned, Gen 2 uses Honda CVT fluid, not same as HCF-2. And check the bottle fine print before draining the fluid.

And most importantly of all, the dealer parts guy is fallible and can't be relied upon, which is why I started doing fluid changes myself.

No way of knowing what damage, corrosion, the HCF-2 would have done.

End of rant.

Ps, changing CVT fluid is easier than changing motor oil, no huge cumbersome splash guards to remove, just a small plastic panel to remove.

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