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Honda Recall on Insight: Replace 2 Electrical Modules?

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Found this recently posted tidbit out there in the Insight Ethers - thought it was worth a post, as I haven't seen any such related recalls. Maybe worth a look.....

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Posted: Fri Jun 30, 2006 6:43 pm Post subject: Honda Insight Update:
Honda recalled the Insight to replace two of the electrical modules of the hybrid system for free. Apparently one of the modules includes a charge controller, and some were "overcharging" the battery bank. They also extended the battery warranty to 150k miles instead of 80k at no cost.
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Yup, I just went to the Honda owner link and nothing new. I was hoping to be able to get one here in SC. Guess I'll have to go to TX when mine goes out. I only have 5000 miles until the warranty is out. That's about 2 more months for me.
Wish I had the extended warranty. Oh well, I'm still saving a bundle on gas, so it's more than worth it even if I have to buy a new battery one day.
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