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Honda Replaced the head, engine not as quiet as it was

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My Honda Insight is a 2005 purchased new. After only 1800 miles ...
(2 weeks, average drive 120 mile round trip) Honda diagnosed my EGR valve problem as really being debri in the EGR port.
Solution was to replace the head.
Head was repalced but the car is not nearly as quiet as it was 6 weeks earlier when I bought my Insight new (Honda had it for a month waiting for the head, I drove a rental car 2005 Civic 30 mpg average)

The mpg is still great, average 70+mpg.
The pep in acceleration is a little bit less, slight.
The noise is what I notice most, brrruummm instead of hummmrooom and when idling the motor is just not quiet anymore (the most noticable)

Arrgghhh... I wish I could just start over but I know there is a lot to learn here about a great car!
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Hi Allen and welcome to the forum :!:

Multiposting is _strongly_ discouraged here at IC so one of your other replies on the same topic has been deleted. The other has been redirected for replies to be posted here.

Sounds like you got some _VERY_ bad diagnosis and repairs Allen, sorry.

The EGR gasses are plumbed in a separate plenum with a straight shot into each intake runner. If the ports in the head get clogged they are cleanable. And without head removal. There have been many reports from other Insighters having various EGR problems. Often it causes surging / bucking and is worse when driving in lean-burn. It would likely cause somewhat lower MPG, but the major symptom would be a rough running engine at times.

Although I'd agree that _sombody's_ head needs an overhaul or replacement :p :p :p ;)

HTH! :)
Re: Follow up with Honda today

Allen said:
First Im new to this and dont quite understand multiposting. I was just clicking through owner problems and posted EGR comment where I thought it would add information to forum - sorry.
Not a problem Allen. But its an old internet message board concept. Basically what can (and almost always does) happen is that "good" replies get scattered across the various threads. So gleaning or even finding the posts that are / were of the best help is made more difficult.

Stated another way it fractures the subject making it _much_ harder for interested members to follow the topic as it progresses.

Your doing a GREAT job of adding to our collective ownership expereince :!:

PLEASE keep us informed as the situation develops (in this thread :p ;) )

HTH! :)
Re: Follow up with Honda today

Allen said:

TWO QUESTIONS FOR FORUM: (Too help understand this)
1) Does Honda have different manufacturers for the head on the Insight?
If so then would explain different sounding engine, maybe.
2) Insight owners - is your engine whisper quiet like most new Hondas?
When idling do you hear your engine?
1) AFAIK no. Its a very limited production car to begin with.

2) If it sounds distinctively different to you then something is amiss.
Valve adjustment has already been suggested.
Timing chain tension could be another.
Although its "auto" tensioned (if reassembled correctly).

Reflecting on my earlier post. Sounds like more of some type of manufacturing defect (casting) that wasn't simply cleanable. SO if you could get a better explanation of why such a major part needed replacement so early it would help the group :!:

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