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Honda's "Green" Factory

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In a recent press release, Honda annouinced their brand-new, 212,888-square-foot "Green Facility" in Gresham, Oregon (U.S.A.):
The facility was designed and constructed with recycled, recyclable and sustainable building materials. Environmentally friendly products were used in virtually every aspect of the building's design, construction and operation, including its lighting, heating, flooring, bathroom tiles, wall finishes and exterior landscaping.
Honda was the first automaker to manufacture vehicles that meet Low-, Ultra-Low- and Super-Ultra-Low-Emission Standards. Honda's Green Facility program helps improve waste disposal, reduce factory emissions and cut energy use. In Gresham, Oregon, environmentally friendly products are used to construct and operate a fully functional parts-distribution center.
Highlights of the facility include:
A rainwater-collection system that gathers accumulated rainwater on the roof and funnels it into a 90,000-gallon storage tank for on-site use. This "gray water" will irrigate landscaped areas and provide water for toilets.
Hallway flooring is made from recycled automobile tires. Office flooring is made from 100% recycled and recyclable carpet fiber and backing.
Conference Room wall coverings are made from recycled telephone books. Conference Room tabletops are made from compressed sunflower seeds.