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I had a look, but I can't find the thread on the hot air intake, I'm sure I read something about ducting the air inlet for the engine to give a hotter air supply.

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Haven't been reading here much have you Mark :?: :p


1-6x17" cardboard piece & +10 MPG! Yup no lie ... php?t=1970

and the link in my sig for my web pages on the hot air mod.

If you drive in the hyper MPG style and you've got a 5 speed (lean burn capeabilities) then 10+ MPG (US) should be attainable.

HTH! :)

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I'm a little worried, I hope it's a case of me being stooopid.

The cat that you guys have taken the warm air mod from appears from the pics to be on the downpipe before the exhaust goes under the car. i.e on the vertical section immediately after the manifold.

I've just been out the my Insight & there's no cat there, just a plain downpipe with a brace bat back to the engine.

Please tell me I'm misunderstanding things.
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