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Check the last 4 digits of the VIN.
Plz feel free to correct me if Im wrong. I believe this is also in the Knowledge base but I'm too lazy to check.

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Yep last 4 numbers in the VIN, they start back at 0001 for each production year.

As a more in depth note here's the break down of the vin number:

All start out JHMZE1
J being Japan as the country built in
HM I think heans Honda Motors
ZE1 is the code for Insight DX (it's considered a dx model)

Then you get a 3 or a 4 for the next digit, 3 is for 5 speed 4 for CVT

Then a 5 or 7, 5 means no factory AC 7 means factory installed AC
So a CVT will be 47 for these two digits no matter what considering you can't get one without AC

The next digit is a check digit which varries.

The next digit is the year of prudoction
4=2004 You get the idea

The next digit is T for the city of origin, can't recall the name off hand.

Then your serial number is next, for all US cars the first two digits are 00, other countries have other digits here.

Then the last 4 are your serial number, which means which number off the assembly line the car is for that production year.
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