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How do you think an Insight would do on my commute?

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I live in tehachapi, California, and I work in Bakersfield California. My commute is only about 50 miles each way, but over that 50 miles, there is a 3,500 feet elevation change over the Tehachapi pass. I am sure the insight would do fine on the trip from tehachapi to Bakersfield, but I was wondering how well it would do from bakersfield to tehachapi? There are several sections of the road that are 3 to 5 miles of 5% grade. I currently commute in a V-6 Chevy S-10, and I have to drop it into 4 to climb the grades. I would like to be able to climb these grades at least at 55 mph.

If I do buy an Insight, it will more than likely be used, and I imagine the condition of the battery will be an issue that will determine how well the car climbs the grade. I am conserned that I will have to deal with the battery cutting out half way up the hill, and I have to finish the climb on the gas engine alone. How well does it climb hills on the gas engine?

C. Alan
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I commute straight up the rim of the world - from almost sea level at San Bernardino straight up 5500 vertical feet, with no problem. I have a CVT, and the car scoots right up with little urging, and at the top, my batteries are about 1/3 full.
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