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How many miles with original battery pack?

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I often wonder how long will my batteries last, so I decided to find out how long other batteries lasted before they were replaced.

If you replaced them, state the mileage, if you still have the original pack let us know how many miles you have on it.

I have 134K miles on it, still no problems at all.
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39,000 miles on my 02's original. Battery gauge seems to be going up and down a lot more than before. It used to stay near full, now I can get it down to almost half lugging from a stop with the AC running.
getting mine replaced on the 16th. 63kmi.

andy g.
102,000 miles still going strong. Now I did it, I just jinxed myself. This is the original pack as far as I know.
First pack replace "under warranty" at 104,000 miles. Now have 51,000 on the second. No "recals" so far.

When the first IMA battery was replaced, the BCM and MCM were also replaced as they come as a "unit."
Original battery pack replaced at 70k. Boy was I a happy camper.
Willie Williford said:
First pack replace "under warranty" at 104,000 miles.
Wow, you got Honda to replace the pack past their warranty period. Cool.
pack replaced at 76k miles. Cutting it close...
Running on recycled unit

Entire IMA system bucket at 104,000, on my 2000 5 speed, now has guts from '04 donor car.
So far, so good!
Painting with a rather broad brush aren't you WayneM :?:

AFAI remember only the batteries and updated controllers were replaced. (The recommended procedure for a degraded IMA battery pack)

Did you replace the IMA motor :?: The DC/DC converter :?:

Your reply makes it sound like the IMA system is capable of catastrophic failure :!: Of which it is in theory, if you hit just the right spot just the right way. A direct lightening strike comes to mind first. ;)

But so far there have been no credible posts of such failure. And only one other from a short time member that didn't take the time to follow-up on the point.
The EnTire Bucket!

Yeah, typically under Honda warranty or the usual failure situation.

But, in MY case 8)

Yep, the entire bucket was replaced. I din't say the whole thing went toes up, it's just that the salvager was selling the Whole Bucket, everything inside the IMA bay that you see the pic of in our clickable encyclopedia page. Shipped it down here 'in the can' so to speak, strapped to a pallet, it made a really nice shipping can for the parts. ... f9f2ce61cd

Disconnected all the cables and harness, take out the old can, put in the new, done in one Saturday at their garage

So far, so good. Way better assist and charging, mpg up due to the performance boost (and new hi pressure rated tires, also) :)
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29K miles and 3 yrs. 9 months on 1st pack.
Hmmm.. More of the suspect data!

Got no proof, but once again, seems that the 2000 and early '01 models were the most likely to have a pack go bad.
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