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How to disable Assist/Regen

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Here is how to disable Assist/Regen when you don't need it, such as when you are trying so keep from depleting the battery charge on long hills, or when you don't want background charging, or when you are going downhill and don't want to regen.

Take the 2 wires from the clutch pedal, run them thru a toggle switch and you're done, now anytime you don't want to use assist or regen, just flip the switch and IMA is disabled. :idea:
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Great find.
The MIMA home generator concept needs the opposite function, where the IMA is not disabled when you are stopped.
Can you do a test for me. If you are stopped, engine running, clutch in, the car disables IMA when the clutch is in. If you flip your new clutch switch so it thinks the clutch is out, can you get MIMA to charge the batteries?

I hope to have some time to get to the programming and try out the FAS relay and things this week, and it would be nice to know what I need to fool to get full charging at will with the car in neutral. The neutral switch may also need to be fooled, which you could try by putting the car in another gear(clutch still in but fooled into thinking it is not with your switch).
Keep tinkering
I seem to remember that Jack Lee who has MIMA on his 2006, can get regen at idle .(I could be wrong). I cannot get regen unless in gear and the clutch is out. This could be related to the same issue. They may have changed the software on the 2006?
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