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How to disable Assist/Regen

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Here is how to disable Assist/Regen when you don't need it, such as when you are trying so keep from depleting the battery charge on long hills, or when you don't want background charging, or when you are going downhill and don't want to regen.

Take the 2 wires from the clutch pedal, run them thru a toggle switch and you're done, now anytime you don't want to use assist or regen, just flip the switch and IMA is disabled. :idea:
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GREAT :!: :!: :!:

It's what I've been looking for too. :D

Had the same thought but time for me has been limited for such fishing. :(

THANKS :!: :D :D :D
Calpod said:

(Sorry John) I had to mention the "M" word. :lol:
Mike beat you to it. :!: :p

Look for my CIMA post in the upcoming weeks. :!: (Cheap, and very limited in compairson to that "M" word thingy)(And also in honor of its "discoverer", Calpod) :D
Its still on my list. I won't trouble you as to why its taking me sooo long :(

I _will_ let you know when its done. Hopefully by fall. (this year)

Mine's an 02 5 spd.
AH HA :!: :idea:

Your upper pic is with an _added_ aftermarket crusie control switch :!:

My 02 is factory equipped exactly as your lower pic shows (and is in agreement with the 00-02 Factory Service manual, _ONE_ clutch switch)

AND the confusion is _GROWING_ with multi posting this "problem" in different threads. PLEASE DON'T MULTI POST.

The clutch switch must be simulated _closed_ clutch pedal down to "fool" the IMA system that the clutch is engaged (released, as in pedal down). It is by design a N.O. (normally open) switch. Electrically this means that the removed connector must be shorted back unto itself (jumpered closed).

See: ... php?t=5607

and please continue _this_ segment of the discussion there.
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1 - 4 of 82 Posts
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