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How to disable Assist/Regen

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Here is how to disable Assist/Regen when you don't need it, such as when you are trying so keep from depleting the battery charge on long hills, or when you don't want background charging, or when you are going downhill and don't want to regen.

Take the 2 wires from the clutch pedal, run them thru a toggle switch and you're done, now anytime you don't want to use assist or regen, just flip the switch and IMA is disabled. :idea:
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I forgot to mention that the clutch pedal switch is above the clutch pedal, it's all the way up, and kind of difficult to get the wiring done, but it's worth it. :D

Yes, it will work even if you don't have MIMA.

(Sorry John) I had to mention the "M" word. :lol:
I'll be looking for it Trekker,

By the way if anyone wants to try it all you have to do is disconnect the clutch switch located above the clutch pedal, take the car for a drive and decide if you like it, if you do, you have to install the switch to be able to turn if on and off. :idea:
James, have you installed the switch. if you have, give us some feedback.
Has anybody installed the clutch switch to disable IMA? I know this feature would be very useful for people that drive up steep or long inclines, I remember someone on this forum living in Bakersfield and driving to LA every day, this mod would help our batteries last a lot longer.

I know Willie installed it on his Turbo Insight.
I'd like to find out what changed on the 2006 model, it works great with mine, (2000) I know Willie has installed it on his, and he says it works fine.

Has anybody else has installed the switch?
Insightful Trekker wrote:
See: ... php?t=5607

and please continue _this_ segment of the discussion there.
Oops, has this thread been hijacked? should we post all future disable assist OR regen topics there?
You're welcome, Tim. This is a very simple mod and most people should be able to easily do it, I just did it on my second Insight, have to do a lot of catch-up on the mods to the new one.
When the clutch switch is activated the green auto top light will not flash but will remain on,'this will show you the switch is on.
Sorry, I just realized that you won't always will be in Autostop when the switch is active, I did have a lighted switch when I first did this mod, it works OK. (there may be a picture of it on Mikes web site at 99mpg.
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