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How to disable Assist/Regen

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Here is how to disable Assist/Regen when you don't need it, such as when you are trying so keep from depleting the battery charge on long hills, or when you don't want background charging, or when you are going downhill and don't want to regen.

Take the 2 wires from the clutch pedal, run them thru a toggle switch and you're done, now anytime you don't want to use assist or regen, just flip the switch and IMA is disabled. :idea:
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I also installed this switch on my 2006. The only thing the switch does is disable any brake-pedal initiated regen. Assist is NOT disabled, neither is background charging, or forced charging.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any utility to this mod. The only think that's kind of nice is that when you go into Auto-Stop, you can flip the switch and take your foot off the clutch, but that's of dubious value because if you forget to flip the switch when you start up again, next time you come to a stop regen won't work. (which is very easy to do).

Too bad.
JoeMultihuller said:
Infidel and mds2: what exactly are the responses both above and below 19mph?

I can't help but have a twinge of concern about new engineers at Honda messing with code that was designed many years ago ... you don't suppose they goofed? After all, if you push in the clutch (presumably releasing the gas pedal at the same time) you should not expect any Assist and thus it made sense to disable it (as in the old version) ... so why did they change it in their latest revision? Conversely, you'd think that Regen should still have been allowed to function (only to be inhibited below 19mph?) even if the engine is only idling (is that what it does now with the clutch pushed in?). Sorry, too many questions.

BTW, MIMA's LEDs sure let us see the disparity between the dashboard Regen indicator and what's really happening 8) - thanks again, Mike. JoeS.
Well, as I don't have MIMA, I can't tell you what actually is happening, but as far as I see things, there's appears to be no change in behavior with the clutch bypassed above/below 19mph. Assist functions as normal with the clutch in, regen as indicated does not function via the brake pedal or lifting the throttle. Then you let up on the gas with the switch flipped, it feels the same as if you're batteries are topped off (no simulated compression braking effect).

I guess I don't know for sure if background charging is still there or not, but I do know that somewhere between 2/3 and 1/2 SoC, Force charging begins, and the clutch switch does NOT disable that. I can only assume that if the ECU is Force charging anyway, that ABC is happening as well.

How does MIMA disable ABC? Is it via some flavor of a clutch switch interdiction?

Incidentially, everyone here has always said that AS only happens below 19mph. Even before the clutch switch, my 06 would sometimes go into AS by itself a little bit faster, say 24-25mph. It doesn't happen all the time, and always when the clutch is in and under moderate braking. Also, i've noticed that when the batteries are near full (that in-between time when just tapping the brakes only gives you 4 bars of regen), that you can sometimes get a little bit more regen by adding a little brake pressure. It's almost as if there's a brake pressure sensor or an accelerometer or something that feeds into the regen algorithm.

Do pre-06's not behave this way then?
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