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We have been planning and scheming and organizing for a third Mid-Atlantic Meet, so I just wanted to get the subject out there for comments, and to get everyone to reserve spots on their calendar.

In previous years, we have held the event in Frederick MD at a MD state park. That has prevented us from working on cars, and worst of all - from consuming beer:(

For 2014 we are planning on having the event in Westminster MD at a private home. This will open a lot more options to us. The host is already thinking about some interesting food ideas, so things are moving along. The host assures me that he has plenty of inside room for those who want to pitch a sleeping bag on the floor.

The agenda is pretty flexible, but we are certainly going to do troubleshooting and light car work. We may have a show competition and we are also considering a MPG contest, though that has not been particular popular in the past. The question of a one or two day event is also open.

The two dates under consideration are May 17/18 and May 24/25. I usually try to avoid the Memorial Day weekend since many families like to have that time for themselves.

So, lets talk it up. Give me your suggestions and opinions. Also, please indicate which weekend you think you can come. LETS HAVE SOME FUN!
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