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HumVee Attack!

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Wow, I and my little car almost bought it last night. I need some advice about what to do next.
Yesterday, on the way home from work:
A big black HumVee came up behind me really, really fast as I was passing a big tractor-trailer truck in the left lane. The guy got so close to me that all I could see was his grill in my rear view mirror.

Since I was already going 70, and had quite a bit of truck left to get by, I did the logical thing. I rolled down my window and gave him the finger. (See, I'm not claiming innocent angel status here :lol: )
However, what happened next wasn't cool or reasonable at all, IMO.

The HumVee actually got *closer*. I swear I thought he was going to ram me. So, I took off, since i know they don't accellerate that well. I passed the truck going about 80, and moved over into the next lane. The HumVee came barreling after me, and was coming up fast in my rear view mirror. Then he started sideswiping me!!! :shock: He made three side swerves, two of which i accellerated out of, the second of which I only missed by slamming on the brakes. That one he just barely missed the front of my car, and came halfway into my lane before pulling back.
This was on an overpass, where he would have sent me flying if he'd actually hit me. Or, if I hadn't been able to get off the road, I would have been flattened by the tractor trailer, which was right behind me.

Now, here's my question.
1. is a finger really justifiable provocation for all that??? I think not.
2. What, if anything, can I do to protect myself? I have a custom plate and a very noticible car. This @ss can find out where I live, or damage my car in a parking lot and drive away.
3. Should I have called the cops? (didn't see the plate, was too busy trying not to soil the seats in my car.)

God, that was awful.
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Rick said:
Word of advice, don't piss people off when you have customized plates. They will remember them if they ever see you again.
yeah, I didn't remember that until much later, when I was breathing again. :?
I'm just having a hard time accepting that someone could be so casual about trying to kill me, when they don't know anything about me besides my car (and my finger :) ). It was a very, very, very close thing.

(edited to add, since BD and I posted at the same time: I claim my redheaded temper as an excuse. 8) And you are absolutely correct. I will have to work on remaining a zen driver.)
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