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Twice now I've noticed while I'm driving around city streets at about 20mph or lower looking for parking that my battery meter has drained down to as low as one bar. The car still insists on auto-stopping, and then the motor re-starts with a shudder, immediately force-charging the battery pack.

A ten-mile freeway trip home charges it back to about half-bank.

This behavior doesn't seem right to me. I'm hunting for a parking spot for twenty minutes, tops (and likely it just feels that way). Logically it just feels that the car should slink around just fine at these speeds. I always run the climate system in ECON mode. Could ambient temperature be a factor? It's been "colder" around here lately, but that only means in the forties. Also, I've been sitting in city traffic lately, switching on/off idle stop a lot.

The car just rolled over 20k and claims it wants service, which according to the service records just means tire rotation.
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