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Something that mixes with water and cures sounds more like a cement than a resin or an epoxy.

Polyester resins come in a number of flavors. Many of them contain styrene monomer. If you go this route, you will probably want to use sanding resin. Laminating resin dries tacky/wet and is designed to take another coat of resin without being sanded first (laminating resin is badly weakened by sanding). UV-curing resin is good because it avoids the use of MEKP (catalyst, nasty stuff), you don't have to worry about your resin going off (hardening) before you are ready, and it emits less VOCs.

You didn't say what type of foam you planned to use. Polyurethane foam is compatible with polyester resin. Polystyrene foam (aka styrofoam) is not, and will dissolve if you put polyester resin on it. So, if you plan to use polystyrene foam, you will need to use epoxy resin rather than polyester resin.

When working with any of these resins, you should wear an air-purifying respirator with an organic vapor cartridge. I'm talking about a rubber mask that seals around your face that you screw metal canisters into, not a dust/mist respirator and definitely not one of those worthless hospital masks that people mistakenly thought would protect them from SARS.
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