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I just came back from UYV3, great time, and great bunch of guys.
I was able to build up some hands on demos for the event, and they turned out to be a hit.
One of the demos is an Insight block, with only the crank and IMA motor. I run the motor with a Microchip PICdem MC 3 phase driver board. The tiny board can output about 600W, which can spin the thing at about 1000 rpm.
The Synergy Power Split device demo with motors on the three inputs really shows how that cool system works.
The cranker regen demo was the most fun. I put a hand crank on a Prius MG1. The shaft spins freely with little drag with the 3 output wires open. Mild regen is simulated with three nichrome heating elements, which one can light up to glowing red. Max regen is evoked when the 3 phase wires are shorted, It is like mixing concrete with a hand paddle, really tough. MG1 is outputting over 75A into the short.
Next UYV, maybe we make an electric go cart with an insight IMA system?
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