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Hybrid Civic Type R (?) & Honda Adverts

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On my trip to Yorkshire I came across a large Honda dealer and decided to check their website on my return. Unfortunately they do not have any Insights for sale out of their 160 used cars and do not even mention the Insight in their new car section :? . However they do say that a hybrid Civic Type R is planned for 2007. See the link below and click on New Cars, then World of Honda and scroll down.

I believe I mentioned the amazing two minute Honda 'Cog' advert before, which does not involve camera trickery (but about 600 takes). In case you haven't seen it check out the link below and click on the cog followed by the star. (Best if you have a broadband connection).

Finally for completeness, if you haven't seen the IMA advert (really meant for the new Civic IMA rather than our Insights) then check out below. Was this advert shown in the USA or is too subtle for the SUV owners? :wink:
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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