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Hybrid (electrical) system weights.

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Yes, an another boring quistion!!

A new system in the Netherlands has been developped to pay less roadtaxes. And this is done to promote clean cars.(Yes, in this country you pay a tax wich is depending on the weight of your car!! This is great. How more heavy the car is, how more to pay!!) Now the point is: the new Toyota Prius is coming, and the government made a new system: you take the total weight of the car, minus the hybrid system weight (the electrical part of course) and the outcome will be: the new weight of your car!! Now Toyota claims that the electrical part of the hybrid system weights approx. 172 kgs!!
So that means that the Prius drops 2 steps in the tax-ladder.
Now here is comming my part of this new arrangement: what is the weight of the hybrid electrical system of the Honda Insight?? This is not a million dollar quistion, but this is probably a breakthru in this country to sell/promote more hybrids!! And next week I am getting my Honda Insight, and it has to go thru the commisionboard for allowance to drive on de Dutch roads under the Dutch laws, because there are no Honda Insights (yet) in the Netherlands. This one, will be the first one!!

So please tell me!!!! What is the weight of the electrical hybrid system???
So I can give them an answer, before they ask me the weight question!!

Thank you for reading this "another silly quistion!!" :D :D
Greetings Etienne van leeuwen. the Netherlands
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Of course, you could pay high road taxes AND high fuel taxes like us Brits. :cry: whinge, whinge, etc, etc

I've said it before and I'll say it again - Americans should not fear high fuel prices and the effect they would have on your economy. People will just spend a higher proportion of their income on gas rather than food, for example; no-one would give up their precious car. Additional transport costs are just absorbed. However, it hopefully might make more people think twice about the journey they are about to take.

It is because of these people's pure selfishness why I believe we will all end up driving effective & easy to use electric or fuel cell cars within the next 15 years because they will demand them to replace their gas guzzlers, rather than walk!
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