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The third hybrid festival I have attended this year.
It is interesting to see the patterns emerge.

The tour de sol had rain issues that may have limited the attendance, but was reasonably well attended on Saturday the car show day, and had an antique car show next door.
The MPG course was 200 miles over highway and serious hills, the course was marked, but many people got lost.

The Midwest Hybrid festival was a nice day, had a big parking lot had a county fair right next door, was sparsly attended in comparison.
The course was slow with almost perfectly spaced hills and valleys, a section of secondary highway, and was about 20 miles, the instructions were a bit difficult to read, the roads were marked but the signs were not bright enougg, so you could miss them and many people got lost.

The Ipswich Hybrid fest was much smaller, a town hall parking lot, but was surrounded by trees, for shade, had less hybrid cars in the event, had a town fair the same day, but not next door.
The course was pretty typical New england mix of slow residential, and secondary highways, rt 1, and 1A in Ipswich, There was even a short leg of I 95. The course was about 23 miles, and had to be completed in less than an hour. Many people got lost.

The amount of people that came to see the cars was many times more than both other events put together. I hardly had time to grab a sandwich, and did not get to see any of the other displays.

What can the organizers of the festivals learn from each other? What do the rest of the guys that attended the festivals think?
What would make the best Hybrid festival ?
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