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Aaron Cake said:
I've never had any luck getting the attention of Prius drivers either... Maybe they're just bitter...?
*chuckles* I noticed a couple years ago that the original (01-03) Prius owners appeared to be much older than the general population. You should just be glad they're not ramming into you... how does that old joke go, Grandma died with a smile on her face but the passengers in her car died screaming?

Seriously, a likely reason is the mass appeal of the Prius v.s. the Insight, which is much more of an enthusiast's vehicle. If I make eye contact with other hybrid drivers, I do still try to give a little wave or flick my lights, every once in a while I get a response. It's definitely not the same as it was 3+ years ago, when fellow Insight owners would eagerly wave back, and even stop to chat.
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