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Hybrid Spotting

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The first hybrid I spotted while driving my brand spanking new 2004 Prius was an Insight. That was cool, since there aren't too many around here (Minnesota). But unfortunately, the driver didn't notice me. Would you?

I had a fun time way back playing with Insights on the road with my 2001 Prius. At first, they'd think I was just trying to get their attention to acknowledge their hybrid. Then after giving the thumbs up to them, I'd point at mine... then just stare. Eventually, some would light up with a expression of new found happiness realizing the encounter that just transpired. I'm very much looking forward to same again. So, start scanning the roads for a new hybrid.

Have any of you seen a 2004 Prius on the road yet?

At night, both the back & front are quite unique. During the day, the front may be tough. The back is easier, with the Insight style little tinted back window. And of course, the side-profile is pretty obvious.
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dazey said:
Is the forced EV mode different than it running on only electric at <15 MPH like in the original Prius?
The new Prius is capable of driving at all speeds under electric only. Really it's the first car to be a true hybrid in that it can run on gas only, electric only, or both. The setup is also better, this time around they use just one electric motor instead of two and it's an electronically controlled CVT. It makes me wounder if the switch could be added back in to the system though.
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