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Hyper Milers

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What make one a hypermiler?
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Some other possible discriptions.

One that finds it a worthwhile persuit to use the time normally spent day dreaming or worring while driving their car to instead focus on getting the best MPG for the situation.
The true hypermiler is constantly focusing on refining the driving techniques with feedback from the instant MPG bargraph.
It has nothing to do with EPA, as EPA does not represent anyone's commute, it is more of a mindset to an actual achieved number or percent.
Short definition:
Hypermiler : One who becomes one with the driving experience to achieve the maximum fuel efficiency under the present conditions.
Zen and the art of Hypermileage
A book waiting to be written
:D 8) ;)
So it would seem that there are several types of hypermiler.
Hard core:
LMPG is way over EPA, and each trip is maximized to keep the LMPG as high as possible, will avoid driving the car when max MPG will not be possible.
LMPG is not considered. Knows how to maximize the MPG for individual trips or tanks, and usually will favor MPG maximizing techniques.
Will occasionally drive for maximum MPG, but tends to drive with the flow to show that the car is not a wimp.
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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