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Hyper Milers

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What make one a hypermiler?
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Of course, if you live close to work, being a hyper-miler is rather difficult. I don't get the benefit of driving to work each day on a highway averaging 70 to 90 mpg. I drive up a big hill that is about 20% of my commute (1 mile of a 5 mile drive). And of course, traffic lights don't help either. Regardless, I do have a 100.3 mpg drive for a 30+ mile drive and made it from Akron, OH to Plymouth, MA on a single tank of gas, stopping only once... doing that trip four times. But the local commuting doesn't allow me to keep a higher average. I'm quite happy with the results, though. :)
chrs said:
Unless you live close enough to work to walk or bike, or have good transit.
Actually, for the first few days, while my Insight was in the dealership as the workers played operation on it (remove the whacky commutation sensor), I was cycling to the office. The funny thing was that it took about 5 to 6 minutes longer to get to the office on bike than car. Not that big of a difference. Of course, going up that big hill, climbing out of the valley is a bit rough, though not as bad as going down it with all that traffic... they really need a bike lane on that road.

Unfortunately, I can't get enough places on the bike, as I need to drive a bit sometimes for work. I can't haul up to Cleveland and then bike back the same day... atleast not on a work day, and I'd need a mountain bike to bike the Towpath trail to Cleveland. And of course, I'd dress a bunch more casual if I biked. Now only if my office had a shower!

Until then, I'll live with my mileage. I might see an increase once the car comes back to me all better and stuff. I miss drafting tractor trailers.
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1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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