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Hyper Milers

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What make one a hypermiler?
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JimmyHiggins said:
Of course, if you live close to work, being a hyper-miler is rather difficult.
Unless you live close enough to work to walk or bike, or have good transit. That's my situation, and as result, my Insight, Effie, is spoiled to the point where she doesn't like to come out of the garage at all unless I promise her a good reasonably long hypermiling run, but I also make her do ordinary driving like hauling recycling, or rushing to an airport or meeting when I haven't allowed enough time for her to show what she can really do.

One trip that is getting to be a regular thing for me is going over the Green Mountains from New Hampshire to the Albany NY area, since I've been doing some work with a company located there, and have also gone to Tour de Sol there twice now. It's about 150 miles, and it's a challenging hypermiling route, since it's over the mountains and then into an urban area. If I'm not overly time pressured and the weather's reasonable I usually end up in the low 90s, but I've gotten in the mid 70s a couple of times due to time pressure, bad weather, poor route choices, or all of the above. But yesterday driving out I was able to leave early in the morning to allow plenty of time, and the weather was clear, though it started out chilly when I left. I got 98 mpg, but the trip back today was even better: I left in the early afternoon, and the car had been sitting in the sun warming up, so it had less warming up to do. The weather and traffic cooperated, and I've got a good route figured out, avoiding the worst grades and often on roads with very little traffic. Door to door, 159.8 miles, 106.6 mpg. That's hypermiling (and my best-ever door-to-door over 25 miles), but offset by some ordinary driving, my LMPG is 85. (That's since I've owned Effie--her previous driver had a slightly portly foot, and had 55 LMPG. I reset the LMPG when I got her.)

I agree that the definition is in the spirit of it, rather than a particular number. The first time I got 70 mpg on a trip, I was hypermiling. I was delighted, Effie was happy to be finally spreading her wings, and we both became addicted.

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1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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