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Hyper Milers

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What make one a hypermiler?
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So it would seem that there are several types of hypermiler.
Hard core:
LMPG is way over EPA, and each trip is maximized to keep the LMPG as high as possible, will avoid driving the car when max MPG will not be possible.
LMPG is not considered. Knows how to maximize the MPG for individual trips or tanks, and usually will favor MPG maximizing techniques.
Will occasionally drive for maximum MPG, but tends to drive with the flow to show that the car is not a wimp.
I started out as a mild hypermiler, mostly just experimenting for fun.

As time went on I became more and more serious (and more and more of a nuisance in traffic) becoming an average and eventually an extreme hypermiler.

Being an extreme hypermiler actually wasted gas because I'd refuse to drive my hybrid in conditions that would yield poor results.

After hitting 80+ mpg for 1005 commuting miles in my gen 1 HCH I felt like I'd done my share of extreme hypermiling.

Since hitting that peak I've back off and now drive "traffic friendly" while still attempting to get the best mileage possible, within reason...
Yes, a UK cars gauge is set up for our imperial gallons, though I can't comment on imports from Japan.
The lifetime mileage reflects what the previous owners managed for some part, so you should not take that as a guide to your own abilities. If you want you can re set it to zero so it reflects only your driving.
70 mph will not get you the best slow down to 55 to 60. Stick in the slow lane with the lorries and let them keep your speed down to the 55 mark. Don't take it to stupid levels, but following a big tall lorry will give you about 20% improvement even if you are a fair way behind it.
Dump the sticky tyres and get the originals. Once you are on new tyres, pump them up at your own discretion to 50 psi or 55 psi. That's worth about 10%
Don't run your air con too much as this wrecks your mileage.
Finally, wind speed, wind direction, and cold weather are the things that make the biggest difference to your MPG, but unless it is really freezing and you are driving straight into a gale, you should be able to get into the 90's (imperial) on a motorway trip even in this weather. I got 105 on Friday over my 40 mile trip.
Oh, and roughly whereabouts in the UK are you?
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How about this...

Normal drivers drive by the speedometer, that is the governing factor.

Hypermilers (Insight expecially) drive by instruments, like an aircraft pilot in the dark.

I drive my Oxygen Sensor Voltage (from a ScanGuage). When I am at zero voltage, I am at maximum burn efficiency. Along with this is the MGP gauge.

The closer I can ge to the speed limit or above and still keep voltage at zero, the better the mileage.

You know, the best thing auto makers could do to improve gas mileage is to put a MPG readout in big letters in the middle of the dash.

BUT ... and as Pee Wee Herman says "Everyone has a big but"

BUT ... if they did that, everyone would drive like a maniac and then sue the automakers because they only get 10 mpg.
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...Normal drivers drive by the speedometer, that is the governing factor.

Hypermilers (Insight expecially) drive by instruments, like an aircraft pilot in the dark...
I just bought a 2010 Insight and have found that my wife (a true lead foot just like me) and a good friend (another reforming power mad car enthusiast just like me) both found the ECON display transifixing. "Let's just drive a little more so I can see one more leaf, etc." they would say. I think Honda has done a good job contributing to a more healthy driving ethic just by finding a way to make it fun.

I drive around town a lot and so I will never be a true hypermiler. I have seen too many fists shaken/horns honked at drivers who were bound and determined to make a statement in traffic. Road rage is not pretty.
Interesting - I have always run my scangauge on LOD, lean burn, milage and water temp (because I use radiator blocks.) May have to switch my LOD over to the oxygen sensor to test the idea.
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